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Employee Payroll made Easy

Employee Timeclock

OnTheClock offers a working employee timeclock system. Employees can use OnTheClock to clock in to work from any authorized device and/or location, whether it be a mobile device, workstation computer, or punch-in station. OnTheClock also offers geolocation features, allowing employers to see where employees punched-in or out, see where punched-in employees are and have been, and also restrict the locations of where employees can punch-in and out. Employees can also use OnTheClock to check their worked hours, check their paid-time-off, and their work schedule.

Punch-In Devices and Features

OnTheClock offers a multitude of different methods and options for employers to take advantage of when setting up their system.


Geofencing allows you set locations where employees can punch-in and punch-out, which is particularly useful if your system is using the mobile app. This stops employees from potentially punching-in and out outside of their scheduled work hours.

IP Lockdown

IP lockdown prevents employees from punching-in from anywhere except devices with a certain public IP. What this means is that they can only punch in while connected to your work location's network. This is a good feature to be utilized by office buildings, because then users can punch-in and out using their workstation computers.

Cell Phone

Device Whitelist

OnTheClock offers the ability to restrict punching-in and out to specific devices. This works particularly way for systems in which few employees can punch using their mobile devices and systems that take advantage of group punching. Group punching can be enabled using a simple tablet and a mount to create a punch clock!



OnTheClock is able to take full advantage of biometric identification using fingerprints. This can not only speed up the process the punching-in and out, but also stop employees from punching each other in to work. This a good addition to the system for businesses with large amounts of employees.

Tracking Employees

OnTheClock offers an easy to use interface that allows employers to see which employees are punched-in and see where those employees are. OnTheClock also records this data as a "breadcrum" trail, recording information on what roads employees travel down and how fast. With this feature, you can be sure that your employees aren't gettig

Payroll and Project Reporting

OnTheClock automatically calculates and calculates each employee's payroll, including overtime hours, paid and unpaid time off, regular hours, and more. It's also able to export to Excel, CSV, PDF, and many more formats. OnTheClock easily integrates with a lot of accounting software, like Quickbooks, Xero, ADP, any many others. Exporting and billing are supported by OnTheClock, so if you don't need to worry if your company uses billable hours.

Employee Count Monthly Price per Employee Annual Price per Employee
1 - 2 Free! Free!
3 - 10 $2.50 $30.00
11 - 25 $2.45 $29.40
25 - 50 $2.40 $28.80
51 - 100 $2.35 $28.20
101 - 200 $2.30 $27.60
201 - 300 $2.25 $27.00
301 - 400 $2.20 $26.40