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Power-over-Ethernet Camera Systems

While our local area is considerably safer than large cities like Toronto, the added security brought by a functioning security camera system is great for any home, cottage, or business.

You might be wondering what "PoE" (Power-over-Ethernet) actually means and what makes it so special. PoE is a technology that allows power to be supplied over a typical ethernet cable along with any broadcasting information. Put more simply, the wired connection that supplies internet to the camera is also what powers it. Only one cable to the camera is needed. In addition, this allows the camera to be setup like a typical internet connected device. You can view the camera's display from anywhere in the world, provided you have a stable internet connection, from a simple app on your cell phone.


In our rural community's, we all have some outside space we'd like to watch. We'd like to protect our vehicles, our homes, and our yards.

Since our cameras offer infrared lighting, you don't have to worry about when unwanted visitors favour the night.

Our camera systems have a microphone and camera built into each unit. With this, you can hear audio being said in the room and speak back to any potential intruders.

This system can beyond simple intrustion detection as well. Cameras setup outside of doorways can be used to speak to delivery drivers and cameras inside the house can be used to speak to children while you're at work.

The NVR that comes with each camera kit is equipped with the ability to not only detect movement, but also distinguish human movement from other movement in the picture and be able to capture faces.

In addition, the NVR is also equipped to be able to setup lines and shapes on each individual camera's image to trigger alarms when humans cross these lines.

The human/line-detection features aren't much to brag about without the NVR's alarm services. It is able to push alerts to emails and to only record when the alarm is triggered, saving a lot of disk space.

Finally, the two-way audio features can be used to sound default and custom sounds when alarms are triggered.

Hard Drives

Our camera kits by default do not come with any hard drives installed; we do that ourselves. If you'd like to buy a camera kit, your memory requirements could change dramatically depending on when you'd like to capture and how many cameras you have. A camera system that records twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week will require orders of magnitutude more memory than a system that has scheduled recording or only records when alarms are triggered.

If you'd like to buy a camera kit with hard drives preinstalled, please call ahead of time so we can have that arranged. The following table should provide recommendations as to which hard drives you should have installed for each of the kits offered. Remember that each system is different, so this recommendation would not be concrete. If you'd like more specific recommendation, please call ahead.

Kit Size Record on Alarm Scheduled Recording Non-stop Recording
Four Piece 1TB 1-2TB 2TB
Eight Piece 1TB 2-4TB 4TB